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Meet the Owner of CakeKnife Photography


My name is Marla Rutherford, and I’m the 6-foot curly-haired amazon behind the camera, as well as the owner of CakeKnife Photography, a wedding photography business based in Colorado. I specialize in shooting wedding and fashion portraiture with a striking, magazine-style flare. I’ve been shooting professionally for 15 years.

I’m perhaps best known for my unique beautiful lighting, which dramatizes a moment in time, capturing it forever in a way that is compelling and memorable. Sometimes these captured moments are the ones we’d expect; the cutting of the cake, or the throwing of the bouquet. Another thing I’m known for is photographing those great unexpected moments, an exchange of looks between mothers-in-law, or an impromptu groomsmen huddle. These moments deserve attention and often become the moments remembered as most precious.

My love for photography began in Boston where I got my undergraduate degree at Boston University in psychology. Instead of partying on the weekends, I spent my time in the darkroom and finally realized that photography was my calling. I moved to Los Angeles, received my BFA from the Art Center College of Design, and immediately began shooting for magazines and advertising agencies.

My work has been published in dozens of magazines, and displayed in multiple galleries on three different continents. I’ve been a speaker on photography in numerous places, and even taught a lighting photo workshop in Luxembourg of all places.

Some of my clients included ESPN Magazine, People and Newsweek. I also shot celebrity portraits for Entertainment Weekly. People always ask who was my favorite celebrity to photograph. The answer: Sarah Silverman. I was also hired to shoot the girls from the MTV show The Hills. Being a reality show junkie I was star struck with Lauren Conrad.

While the entertainment industry taught me a lot very quickly, it never felt like home. So after 15 years I decided it was time to move from Los Angeles to Boulder, Colorado, to be around family and much prettier views.

I started my company CakeKnife seven years ago and have been shooting weddings non-stop ever since. The transition to wedding photography came naturally. Just like with magazines, every job is different, and fascinating in its own way. I apply the same skills learned from shooting celebrities in L.A. to shooting couples on their big day. The goals are the same. One, always make the stars look good, and two, capture beautifully-lit moments to tell a story that is compelling and memorable.



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